Starter 5

The Clue


In their daily lives, students need to explore their options in order to find that joyful piece, that favorite class, that clue to what will fulfill them in a future career.


How can we expose our students to more situations with the intent of discovering what captures their interest?

What are those classes, camps, clubs, or activities your student has always wanted to try?

How can we use those favorite classes to identify the skills a student possesses that will be useful for their life after high school?


Sometimes students don’t discover a “passion”. What then? The book So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport speaks to how people develop passion working within their skill set.

Another book, The Book of Majors, can help connect interests with majors and careers.

If your student does have that favorite class, discuss what about it makes it so appealing. Which of the student’s strengths or talents does it use? How can you explore it further?

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