Starter 2

The Traditional Path

Our educational system in America has been fixated on the four-year college pathway as the sole predictor of success, and we as parents have maintained the perception of college prep curriculum as an inflexible structure needed to help our kids find their ideal college and ideal career.


Why are schools so slow to change?

If “sitting in a high school seat” is no longer the only way to be prepared for college, what else is there?

What are your suggestions for students and the courses they take in school? How does your school district educate parents about electives and credit requirements?

Should a student go to college if they don’t know what they want to do? What are the implications for this lack of direction?


Discuss with your student their thoughts about careers–do they have some ideas? Are they aware of the careers available to them? Do their ideas fit their strengths?

Think about the consequences for simply choosing a college without a career goal in mind.

As a parent, what are your expectations for your student’s life after high school? Do these expectations fit with the student’s strengths and wishes?

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