Starter 10

Life’s Work Awaits


The jobs of today and tomorrow will require specific, technologically advanced, employable skills in the high demand fields of manufacturing, engineering, technology, healthcare, and others. The ability of today’s students to explore their strengths, preferences, and values in a project based learning environment will provide them with the foundational insight to recognize their ideal career pathway and “act on their dreams.”


How can the experiences of career tech help clarify the future path for students?

How is the experience of discovering something a student does not enjoy equally as valuable?

In 2018, 33% of jobs will require a four year degree. Is this figure at odds with the impression of reality for today’s families?

How can career tech graduates take advantage of their CTE training when applying for and while attending college? What are the financial opportunities available to those students?

For college graduates, how can their career tech experience differentiate them from their fellow graduates?


Have your student consider their dreams. Are they limiting their thinking by ignoring the possibilities available at career tech?

Students can receive tremendous benefit by journalling about school, work, volunteer, and extracurricular experiences. What did they like or love about those experiences? What did they not enjoy? What do they want to remember?

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