Starter 6

Voice & Choice


When students are given the chance to co-create projects and decide what they study in a student centered/project-based approach, they can connect in meaningful ways with their education and discover what they really know about themselves.


How can project based learning initiatives like Getting Smart in Seattle lead to a student finding their voice?

What do you lose yourself doing? Do you feel more productive when this happens?

How can we “create room in the schedule” to allow kids to explore?

What are the dangers of choosing a career based solely on whether or not you are merely good at it?

What is the impact on our world and economy when we have a workforce unhappy with their jobs?


Before students begin choosing courses in high school, the family should sit down and rough out a schedule for the upcoming four years. Writing down the required courses/filling in those spaces, allows you to create and see the empty spaces in your future schedule, and you can think about those electives your student wants to explore.

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