Starter 7

Career Tech & The Workforce


The career-technical schools of today are teaching high level skills (science, technology, engineering, math, etc.) to brilliant students and are on the forefront of the career needs of the future. By staying current with the career demands of today, they are helping employers fill in demand jobs and are working to change perceptions families have that the only way to succeed in life is by attending college.


Why has career tech education developed a stigma that it is not for the college-bound student or is less valuable than a college education?

What programs are available to today’s career tech student?

At four year higher education institutions with open acceptance rates, only 36% of those students finished a bachelor’s degree in six years (NCES). How does this success rate reflect a skewed perception of the best fit for all students?

How can a career tech education make a meaningful impact on a college degree?


Consider this fact: “…a recent study found that 80% of students taking a college preparatory academic curriculum with rigorous CTE met the standard for college and career readiness, compared with 63% of students taking the same academic core without rigorous CTE.” Gallup

Discuss with your student their perception of a career tech pathway. How has your perception changed after hearing and reading about the skills gap we are facing in America and the college readiness of CTE students?

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