Starter 9

Middle School Career Connections


Middle school satellite programs are the next step in bringing project based teaching and assessment to students who are ready to connect with career pathways to become motivated and excited with a sense of direction to meet the growth demands of the future.


Why did vocational education ever become a less valuable option than college prep?

Why are middle school students perfect candidates to begin high quality experiences connecting jobs and learning?

“60-70% of students become ‘chronically disengaged’ in seventh and eighth grades.” How can exposure to different electives help prevent this problem?

What challenges do we face when making career tech programs part of a middle school curriculum?


Currently, no state funding is provided in Ohio to middle school programs. How can we as a community demonstrate to policymakers the importance of this connection between career-tech and middle schools?

If a middle school program is not available to you, explore outside opportunities like summer camps and volunteer experiences.

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